FUEL SURCHARGE RATE - based on FCA Fuel Surcharge rate
For rates: Please contact Dispatch.


Seasonal Extras available on request:

Heat Rates effective since October 1, 2013
- DAILY local truckload heat charges 15% with a minimum $50

- DAILY highway truckload heat charges 15% with a minimum $75
- DAILY local LTL (less than 10,000 lbs) heat charges 15% with a minimum of $25
- DAILY highway LTL (less than 10,000 lbs) 15% with a minimum of $35
- Trailer demurrage for Heated trailers will now be $100 per day / $500 per week / $1500 per month (DAILY heat charges are additional)

Trailer Storage and Trailer Demurrage: Effective October 22, 2013 until (as posted)
Included in this rate, is delivery to your site and a requirement to be unloaded in less than one hour. After one hour, an hourly charge of $75.00 in increments of 15 minutes applies. Please note that our drivers will gladly assist in the unloading process, but are in no way solely responsible for unloading. A concerted effort in unloading the trailer equipment in a timely fashion keeps your costs down and is appreciated.

For Drop Dry Van trailer agreements that are pre-arranged, there is a 24hour free time period included, after that a $75.00 per day charge applies. $300.00 per week, and $800.00 per month. These charges are not considered revenue generated charges, but assist in the actual cost recovery and continued availability of these units.

For rural customers that require a storage trailer, there will be a cost of dropping the trailer and a mileage fee of $2.10 per mile to and from your site plus FSC (fuel surcharge). This includes bob-tailing home and eventual pickup.

For more information, contact our Dispatch Office: 403-720-8720
or email DISPATCH

Pickup and delivery time allowances:
1 hour loading and unloading for TL or 1/2 hour for LTL shipments, time is included in the freight bill.
Hourly rate applies thereafter depending on location, vehicle type and weather conditions.

Nonadjacent Delivery Charges:
Deliveries to a premise not adjacent to the rear of the truck or trailer are also subject to additional charges.

Driver Collect Fee:
Freight Bills requiring the driver to collect funds are subject to a COD fee.
Requests for Proof of Deliveries - both active and historical are subject to a processing fee.

POD requests: Processing fee of $25.00 per request.

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