Truckload service throughout North America

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Welcome to Orlicks Inc, your premier leader in the Transportation Industry across Canada and North America. We specialize in delivering a diverse range of products between manufacturers and warehouses, prioritizing time sensitivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness while upholding utmost safety and environmental standards.

Based in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta

Comprehensive Yard Services

Our yard services include a fully fenced area with security, commercial scale, crossdock bays, and a maintenance shop. We offer amenities such as inspection pits, washrooms, break rooms, and ample parking for tractors and trailers. Additionally, we provide tractor power plugins and video monitoring for added convenience and security.

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Our customer-first approach ensures unparalleled dedication to satisfaction and excellence.

At Orlicks Inc, customer satisfaction fuels our success. Our drivers, rigorously trained and recognized by the Alberta Motor Transport Association, ensure top-tier service.

We prioritize staff development and safety to guarantee reliable, efficient service. Our exclusive clientele relies on us for seamless operations and timely deliveries every day. Exceptional service is our norm.