Where it all began
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Company Mission
Gene and Nancy Orlick founded Orlicks Inc on November 15, 1995. We are proud to say that our first two employees are still with us after 15 years. Like many small carriers, we started with two trucks and four trailers, in our case hauling pop bottles for Coca Cola and the company quickly grew from there to thirty two trucks and one hundred and forty trailers today.

In 2005, Orlicks purchased Stockdale Transport in Edmonton: this acqusition has grown our operations in Edmonton to be equal of that of the Calgary operation.

The Orlick family has been in trucking since 1948; Tom Orlick founded the original Orlick Transport Ltd and we are sad to report his passing in 2009. Tom Orlick was well respected in the industry and helped as an active adviser up until 2008, he was very proud of the familys  60 plus years in the trucking industry

Our dedication to providing outstanding service and maintaining the highest safety standards continues to serve us, and our customers well.

We have summed up these guiding principles in our Mission statement:

Orlicks Inc was formed to be a leader in the Transportation Industry serving Western Canada. Orlicks Inc provides time sensitive, efficient and cost effective delivery of a wide variety of products between manufacturers and warehouses with a great deal of respect for safety and the environment. We also provide third party logistics and warehousing services to compliment our trucking operations.

The Orlicks Team

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