About us

What began modestly with just two trucks and four trailers hauling pop bottles for Coca Cola has burgeoned into a thriving enterprise boasting thirty-two trucks and two hundred trailers today. This remarkable growth underscores our commitment to delivering top-notch service and meeting the evolving needs of our customers.


Where it all began

Gene and Nancy Orlick founded Orlicks Inc on November 15, 1995.

Like many small Canadian carriers, we started with two trucks and four trailers, in our case hauling pop bottles for Coca Cola and the company quickly grew from there to 20 company trucks , and 30 + Leased Operators and  contractors. We have 300  - 53 foot Van Trailers and over 100 with diesel heaters for winter.

Gene Orlick
Nancy Orlick

The Orlick family has been in trucking since 1947.

Tom Orlick founded the original Orlick Transport Ltd and we are sad to report his passing in 2009. Tom Orlick was well respected in the industry and helped as an active adviser up until 2008, he was very proud of the family’s 60 plus years in the trucking industry. Max Orlick was also a significant influence, he retired in 1990 from the trucking business and has since passed away in 2016.

Gene's father Max Orlick
Gene's father Max Orlick

Promoting the Trucking Industry

Gene is very involved in promoting the trucking industry by participating in both the Alberta Motor Transport Association and the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Gene is the past Chairman of both the Alberta Motor Transportation Association (AMTA) and the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA). This gives our customers the advantage of both knowledge and experience in the industry. Trucking is a vital part of Canada’s infrastructure, shipping goods locally, extra-provincially across the country and Internationally to the USA and Mexico. By actively participating in helping to develop the future of trucking in Canada, Gene’s goal is to provide the Orlicks customer a safe, environmentally conscious and reliable transportation carrier, now and into the future