Customer service is our product; this is our motto and truly the root of our success.

Our efforts have been put into pleasing the customer with uncompromising service and competitive pricing.  Our service begins with the quality of our drivers; our staff is groomed to accommodate the customer’s needs.  They also have a minimum two years experience with no more than five demerit points on their license.  We are very proud that in the past ten years, the AMTA (Alberta Motor Transport Association) has awarded seven Orlicks Drivers as Driver of the Month, some more than once and it is a tremendous honour to work with these professional drivers on a daily basis.


The company is responsible for continual upgrading of the staff, motivating and offering them a safe quality-working environment.  Our program is designed to keep our staff for the long term and reduce employee turnover. We maintain that anyone can buy trucks, hire drivers and operate a business, but not many can provide the flexible, friendly, safe, just on time quality service that we are providing each day. (Just ask them)

Our best customers use Orlicks Inc exclusively, as this allows them consistency of service, the confidence that their problems will be addressed immediately and the comfort that their product will be there every day.  This ensures there will be no down time at their manufacturing facilities. This sounds too good to be true, but this is what we do.

Turnpike Orlicks Transport